Monday, April 28, 2008

Above Sea Coral Calcium or Below Sea Coral Calcium?

There are two sources Vitamins That Fight High Blood Pressure Okinawa coral calcium. Above sea coral calcium, which is mined above sea level and below sea coral calcium, which is also called "marine grade" coral calcium. Below sea coral calcium is vacuumed from the ocean bottom near the Coral reefs. Which is best, Above-Sea Coral Calcium or Below-Sea Coral Calcium?

Laboratory analysis of the two kinds shows each variety has 74 minerals and has similar quantities of the minerals. Above-Sea Coral Calcium tends to have a little higher percentage of Calcium - 35 to 38% while the below sea coral has 20 - 24% calcium.

The fossilized coral suppliers claim that theirs is in aragonite form which is more soluble than the marine variety which is heat The Great Influence Of Vitamin B To The Nervous System and becomes a calcite form of crystal. This has been verified in a Japanese laboratory.

A little foray to Okinawa last summer unearthed another matter of concern regarding "marine" coral calcium - that is the purity of a product that involves vacuuming the ocean floor. We obtained raw marine coral product samples which have a high sand content. This is not all bad as sand is not toxic or harmful. It is just not a pure coral product. These impurities are likely the reason marine coral calcium has lower calcium content than fossilized coral. Some people also favor the fossilized form on ethical grounds - because the marine vacuuming process can be damaging to the coral environment. Although we would take "marine" coral if it were the only type available, we favor fossilized coral for reasons noted above. Both forms of Okinawa coral are long dead so much of their mineral content is depleted relative to live coral which has recently been introduced.

Live Coral Calcium

In recent years we have been introduced to a new category of coral calcium. This new brazillivecoral /" target="_blank coral calcium is neither above-sea coral calcium nor below sea coral calcium. In fact it is not from Okinawa. This new coral is harvested live as it washes up on the beaches of Northern Brazil. The certificates of analysis on this product show it has more than 12 times the trace mineral content of Okinawa corals (both above and below sea varieties).

This Brazilian coral calcium is the only product so far that has not had it's minerals depleted through aging in the elements since it is Natural Vitamin Supplements up as it washes in while still living. It is cold processed unlike Okinawa corals to retain the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and phyto-nutrients. We predict that this new comer will gain popularity and perhaps overtake Okinawa coral sales in time.

To compare above sea coral calcium to below sea coral calcium see our coralcalcium-watchdog /compare.htm" target="_blank coral calcium comparison chart

This article was written by Mel Stevens for Coral Calcium Watchdog coralcalcium-watchdog /compare.htm compare coral calcium

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