Friday, May 2, 2008

Always Tired - You Could Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It can be difficult for any doctors to actually diagnose fatigue, this is especially true in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome. Fatigue is considered to be a symptom of something else, Foods High In Vitamin K not a condition in its own right. However, chronic fatigue syndrome is wreaking havoc How You Can Treat Lower Back Pain With Vitamins the lives of so many people. Chronic fatigue syndrome can result in depression, and the individual being Diet Coke With Vitamins And Minerals ` This condition doesnt just Fight Asthma With Vitamins its toll on the sufferer alone, it can also affect the whole family. It can cause family members to become impatient because they get so frustrated! It can also put a strain on friendships if after work, university or college you dont have the energy to meet with your friends.

Its normal for people to feel tired, especially when youve just had to entertain the in-laws! But chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is much more serious than normal tiredness. Discount Vitamins is when the tiredness actually starts to interfere with the normal day to day lives of sufferers and their friends and family. Tiredness doesnt last as long as CFS. CFS normally lasts a minimum of 6 months without any apparent illness causing it.

CFS is often said to simply be a problem that the patient has made up in their own mind, however anybody suffering from this condition can vouch for it being real! Many more women suffer from CFS than men.

CFS sufferers may notice headaches, problems sleeping, irritability and depression. There are also some physical symptoms that affect some sufferers including fevers, sore throats, or even aching muscles.

Fatigue is commonly caused by another underlying disorder, this could be diabetes, PMS, serious infections, low blood pressure, or low blood sugar.

More and more doctors are starting to realize that CFS is a condition in its own right, however, the experts cannot agree on a cause. Some experts believe that previous viral infections, high or low blood pressure, mercury poisoning, and even drug use can cause an onset of CFS.

If you are somebody who is suffering from excessive tiredness then there are things that you can do so that you wont feel so tired. It is possible to fight against your fatigue, the best way is to exercise often and also get plenty of rest. You should avoid taking drugs, and drinking alcohol or caffeine.

If you are tired all the time and constantly asking yourself why am I always tired? then make an appointment with your doctor. Get yourself tested to see if you are suffering from a low thyroid function, hypoglycemia, or any allergies.

You should take vitamin supplements which should improve your bodys balance of vitamins and chemicals. Vitamin B is commonly used to treat patients suffering from low energy. Vitamin B is found in sardines, beef, salmon, and milk.

Magnesium is a natural mineral that is important to encourage extra energy. Any deficiencies in magnesium can cause weakness in the muscles. To increase magnesium intake you should eat more wheat germ, almonds, pecans, tuna and hazelnuts. Make sure you also eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, you should eat more citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and potatoes.

You can treat chronic fatigue syndrome by drinking chia seeds soaked in warm water. You should be able to find these seeds in your local health food shop and can be added to oatmeal if desired. Native Americans used these seeds to improve their energy levels.

If you take any artificial energy boosters make sure you consult your doctor beforehand. If you do start to notice any side effects you must immediately stop using it.

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